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Lazar Angelov Supplements

Lazar Angelov Supplements

Many of you want probably similliar body to his, for that you need to eat like him and use same supplements as Lazar Angelov takes. I don’t want to bullshit you, that supplements don’t help, but perhaps if you realy want to do this, read these articles first: His diet and how he workouts. And then Focus on Lazar Angelov supplements stack.

Lazar Angelov Supplement Stack

His Stack

But lets look what he takes, as you can see, there is quite a few of them.

Lazar Angelov Supplements Stack:

First and the most important one:

  • Whey Protein

And then also:

  • Glutamine in powder form
  • Branch chain amino acids
  • Fish Oil (omega 3 supplementation)
  • Arginine
  • Pre Workout Supplement
  • Glucosamine

Those are the main supplements, but when he is for example in diet or cut for photoshoot, he takes also these:

  • Fatburner
  • Testosterone booster

If you want to take same supplements as he does, here are the links for them:

Firsty Lazar Angelov supplements stack starts with protein powder, nowadays it is not even considered as a supplement, it is highly conviniet, you forget a meal, you take a scoop. You don’t want to cook post training meal? You just take a scoop of it and some carbs with it ( banana or some sweets w/e), this is the one Lazar currently takes.

Lazar Angelov Supplements protein powder

Protein Powder

So if you want to loose couple of pounds, you might start taking fat burner, this one is what this bulgarian beast takes, while he is dieting -> Shredz Fat Burner, this is a best deal i found on it. Also if you’re on diet and your  fats are lower, you might thing of testosterone booster. Another great thing to ad into your stack are bcaas (branch chain amino acids) and glutamine, both are great for mucsle recovery and muscle retention during a caloric deficit diet, check it out. And if you don’t have any stomache issues with creatine, you might try it, it is the most researched supplement and proven to work, check this great deal. You might noticed, that all these are from Shredz, it is because he is now their signed athlete, but even when he wasn’t sign with them, he promoted this products, he always took those supplements. I remember an article from 2011, where he told the same supplement stack and talked about how he can unfortunately take creatine monohydrate. Only difference was that he mentioned couple different companies, which he prefered the flavouring of theirs. To be honest, nowadays for the most part, the big quality brands are selling almost the same quality products, it is not 1990 anymore, where the quality of supplements was horrible, i’m not  saying all supplements are great, but you can’t go wrong with some big reputable company.

Lazar Angelov Supplements Bcaas and glutamine

Preworkout shake with bcaas and glutmine in it.

Shredz doesn’t sell glucosamine,preworkout, fish oils or arginine, but he stills takes them, that is why i strongly beleive he is not sellout in this industry.

If you want decent preworkout i would give a try to this one, it was best seller for a long time  and it might still be on many stores. If you have troubles with your joints, you might consider taking glucosamine, this one is quite good. If you like big pumps, you might add extra arginine into your preworkout shake, arginine in powdered form. And if you feel like, there is not enought healthy fats in your diet or enought of omega 3s and 6s, you might thing about taking a Fish Oil.


Question you might probably ask is:

Why there is no creatine monohydrate in Lazar Angelov supplements  stack. And there is quite simple answer, he just has stomache issue when taking creatine.


If had to list my self, first thing on the list would be multivitamin, if you’re young i get it, you don’t care, but it will benefit you in future big time, trust me. And it is quite cheap to.
On second place would be creatine, it is the most beneficial supplement if we talk strictly about gains. And it is most studied one, so we know for sure it is safe and that it works. And if you compare it to almost any other thing you can take, it is practickly for free. I paid 20$ for 100 day suply.
On the third would be preworkout, it is not, because it is so beneficial, but it helps me mentaly, it is something i look forward to and it makes me feel cool.
Fourth would be protein, i don’t even want to put it in this category, even my grandmother would label this as food…
Fifth, if you’re cutting BCAAs and if you are over 30 and cutting some test boosters.

But again, there is nothing wrong with Lazar Angelov supplements stack, you can’t go wrong with it. I would just add creatine, he admited, that he would like to take it, but it doesn’t sit well with his stomache.

Is he a sellout?

As far as i know he was signed with only two companies. And the first company is not probably even in bussiness right now, so no!

Here is the picture, where he is promoting albutrex back in a day:

Lazar Angelov Supplements nutri-sups

Albutrex fat burner

Lazar Angelov Supplements testosterone booster

Testosterone booster


And now you know what Lazar Angelov supplements on the daily look like, read other our articles, to learn how to build and amazing physique like his. I would start with diet and then move to workout routine. Or read his life story on our main page, if you lack of motivation.

Lazar Angelov Supplements protein

Protein powder for cooking

This is probably last thing i would like to say in this article, don’t be scared of protein powder and don’t ask how much you need to take post workout. It is just a tool, with which you can hit your protein requirement for that day. Yes protein powder os part of Lazar Angelov supplements, that he takes daily, but it is more a tool, which enebles him to have more flexibility with his life. It is not this secret thing, which you need to take post training. Look at the picture, he is not even making a shake, he is just simply using it to have more protein and to flavour his meal and as you can see he is jsut after his elbow surgery, so he wasn’t even working out at the time!