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Lazar Angelov Diet

Lazar Angelov diet plan is simple and clean. I hope everyone at this point knows that you can’t out train your diet. And to look like this Bulgarian beast you need to be on point with your meals. Since you googled this, you probably wonder what he eats, how much, how many times a day etc. So lets find out how Lazar Angelov diet looks like.

Before we get to it i just want to say: “There are no secret foods, which will get you in shape.,,

Lazar Angelov Diet Meal

So what is his meal plan?

The Lazar Angelov diet consist of 6 meals or i should better say three big meals and two to four snacks. this meal i will list used to maintain his bodyweight. But keep in mind Lazar has very fast metabolisms and trains every day. So even if you weight the same as him (90 kilograms) you might gain weight if you will eat like this.

Lazar Angelov Diet Meal Plan To Maintain

  1. Breakfast : Oatmeal, Eggs, Peanut Butter and grapefruit
  2. Lunch : Rice and chicken with broccoli
  3. Dinner: Pasta and tuna fish with avocado
  4. Postworkout meal: Chicken with rice
  5. Snack : Salmon with green salad
  6. Before bed snack: Cottage cheese with broccoli


Lazar Angelov Diet Meal PlanEven thought, he could get away “cheat foods”, because of his metabolism, he still meal preps to stay on his meal plan

Lazar Angelov Diet For Cutting

In several interviews he mentioned he starts with lowering his calories and adding cardio, to be more specific he does sprints ( high intensity interval training ), when he reaches stucking point, he cuts down carbs anywhere between 10-50 grams of carbs te be in deficit again, but again, he tries to do it slowly to maintain more muscle mass and strenght. If he needs to be in shape faster, for competition or photoshoot for his sponsors, he does not like keto style diet he prefers slowly cutting or if he needs to be in shape faster he introduces carb cycling to his diet.  But even when he does those types of diets, he sticks to 5-7 meals. Where he aims to get atleast 30 to 40 grams of protein in each meal.

I’m really not big gan of meal plans, so i will layout macros of this:

Lazar Angelov Diet Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber
Eggs – Whole, raw, 200 g 294 2 20 25 0
Chicken – Breast, meat only, raw, 400 g 440 0 5 92 0
TESCO Fine – Ovesné vločky, 100 gram 372 59 7 14 10
Raw – Grapefruit, 333 gram 107 27 0 2 4
ADRIANA – Pasta, 100 g 357 69 2 13 5
Tuna – Tuna in Water, 114 gram 101 0 1 22 0
Salmon, 113 gram 100 2 1 21 1
Aladdin – Tossed Green Salad, 170 grams 30 6 0 2 3
Cottage cheese – Lowfat, 2% milkfat, 4 oz 102 4 2 16 0
Avocado – Avocado Fresh, 1.2 oz 56 3 5 1 7
Broccoli – Broccoli, 6 oz 60 12 1 4 6
RISO SCOTTI – Long white rice, 200 g 694 156 0 12 6
Peanut Butter – Creamy, Jif , 32 g 190 8 16 7 2
Total Macros & Calories 2,903 348 60 230 43

Well no one knows if he eats exactly like this, but it is somewhere in the ball park of this. 2900 calories for the level of body fat he has, is quite good amount of calories, as you can see, his protein is in range of 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bw, and since he is not cutting, he don’t have to be at the upper range, he has enought fats, 60 grams is perffectly fine and has over 10 grams of fiber per 1000 kcals. If i look at it, this  is great start, try it for your self and adjust it to your needs and cravings (=.

Lazar Angelov Diet Plan

As you can see he keep his protein high, almost per pounds of his bodyweight, which is the most optimal protein intake, by latest studies if you’re healthy ofcourse. This amount of protein is optimal for both woman and man.
But, there is always but, if you were eating so far just 0.5 grams of protein per pound od your bodyweight don’t just raise it to 1.5 g per pound of your bw. Protein is hard to absorb and if you double or triple it in matter of days you’ll do more harm than good. And that is with all macronutrients. Don’t just go from zero to hundret in one day. Yes i get it, you want to look like him and you want to go straight to Lazar Angelov diet and that is great, but slow down. Rome wasn’t built in one day.. Keep that in mind, btw: that is Lazars favourite quote (=

Supplements are part of Lazar Angelov diet, but i dedicated whiole article for it: Lazar Angelov supplements.

Since i started talking about protein intake i might talk about all macronutrients. Lets start with fats, decent recomendatio. is to take somewhere in between 20-35% calories in fats from your daily intake. But count it of your maintaince calories.. And i wouldn’t realy lower it under 45g for long term if you’re male, to keep your hormones up! and since you jave your protein and fats, just fill the rest with carbs. If you have enought activity and good amount of fiber and you’re healthy ofc. you don’t need to worry about sugar.

Fiber, how much?

Afain generaĺy i would take 10-25 grams of fiber per 1000 kcals, but you might found out for yourself on how much fiber you feel good.


Cheat days & Cheat meals

He doesn’t realy beleive in it. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, you choose to be healthy, so embrace it and don’t eat like a fat kid. He is great example of this, even when he eats out, he dosn’t realy now how much he got exactly, but he has been doing it for years and kind of knows how 6 ounces of chicken look like etc. So he still gets a decent idea how much he ate. Plus he can eat a lot, but he still orders healthy choices even when he is restaurant by himself or with his friends. If you were following him on instagram you would know that by now. Check out these photos:

Lazar Angelov Dieta

If you want to acheive body like this bulgarian beast has, you might also check out his workout routine.