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Lazar Angelov tattoo on obliques

Lazar Angelov Tattoo

Lazar Angelov Tattoos have deep meanings for him, read more to find out!

Lazar Angelov tattoo on forearm

If you don’t know who he is, or how he obtained such a good body, read this article: Lazar Angelov All secrets revealed

As you can see, he has several tattoos. He has on both of his forearms, one of his chest. Also on his left bicep, left oblique / lower abs. And two on his back. One under the neck and one big across the back and traps.

Lazar Angelov Tattoo gallery:

Lazar Angelov tattoo on oblique Lazar Angelov tattoo on traps Lazar Angelov tattoo on chest Lazar Angelov tattoo on bicep

Lazar Angelov tattoo meanings

Once in Q&A he revealed meanings of his tattoos, two of them mean Born To Lose, Live To Win!

The most recent ones are on his abs and the text on his back and by recent i meant only 3 years old.

Do they hinder his physique?

A lot of people hate him for having them. Because in bodybuilding it is not very favourite thing, cause it can “demage” your physique, but in his case, we can all agree that it goes with his persona.

But there are some cases, where tats will improve your look, they can make certain bodyparts look bigger, if you put there the right thing. For example if you look at old photos of Rich Piana, where he had only few on his abs / obliques and on his arms and shoulders. The shapes he choosed, specially on his triceps made the arm look a lot bigger.

Do you like his tats?

Please comment down below, if you liked his physique more, before he got them or now, with 8 of them ( on both forarms, left pec, left bicep, two on back – under neck and across the back and one oh his left lower ab, which he had redone few years ago, you can go and search for older pictures, it was a lot smaller )

Do you thin they Lazar Angelov tattoos enhance his physique? His Grand Theft Auto Ganster look?

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