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Lazar Angelov Supplements

Lazar Angelov Supplements

Many of you want probably similliar body to his, for that you need to eat like him and use same supplements as Lazar Angelov takes. I don’t want to bullshit you, that supplements don’t help, but perhaps if you realy want to do this, read these articles first: His diet and how he workouts. And then Focus on Lazar Angelov supplements stack.

Lazar Angelov Supplement Stack

His Stack

But lets look what he takes, as you can see, there is quite a few of them.

Lazar Angelov Supplements Stack:

First and the most important one:

  • Whey Protein

And then also:

  • Glutamine in powder form
  • Branch chain amino acids
  • Fish Oil (omega 3 supplementation)
  • Arginine
  • Pre Workout Supplement
  • Glucosamine

Those are the main supplements, but when he is for example in diet or cut for photoshoot, he takes also these:

  • Fatburner
  • Testosterone booster

If you want to take same supplements as he does, here are the links for them:

Firsty Lazar Angelov supplements stack starts with protein powder, nowadays it is not even considered as a supplement, it is highly conviniet, you forget a meal, you take a scoop. You don’t want to cook post training meal? You just take a scoop of it and some carbs with it ( banana or some sweets w/e), this is the one Lazar currently takes.

Lazar Angelov Supplements protein powder

Protein Powder

So if you want to loose couple of pounds, you might start taking fat burner, this one is what this bulgarian beast takes, while he is dieting -> Shredz Fat Burner, this is a best deal i found on it. Also if you’re on diet and your  fats are lower, you might thing of testosterone booster. Another great thing to ad into your stack are bcaas (branch chain amino acids) and glutamine, both are great for mucsle recovery and muscle retention during a caloric deficit diet, check it out. And if you don’t have any stomache issues with creatine, you might try it, it is the most researched supplement and proven to work, check this great deal. You might noticed, that all these are from Shredz, it is because he is now their signed athlete, but even when he wasn’t sign with them, he promoted this products, he always took those supplements. I remember an article from 2011, where he told the same supplement stack and talked about how he can unfortunately take creatine monohydrate. Only difference was that he mentioned couple different companies, which he prefered the flavouring of theirs. To be honest, nowadays for the most part, the big quality brands are selling almost the same quality products, it is not 1990 anymore, where the quality of supplements was horrible, i’m not  saying all supplements are great, but you can’t go wrong with some big reputable company.

Lazar Angelov Supplements Bcaas and glutamine

Preworkout shake with bcaas and glutmine in it.

Shredz doesn’t sell glucosamine,preworkout, fish oils or arginine, but he stills takes them, that is why i strongly beleive he is not sellout in this industry.

If you want decent preworkout i would give a try to this one, it was best seller for a long time  and it might still be on many stores. If you have troubles with your joints, you might consider taking glucosamine, this one is quite good. If you like big pumps, you might add extra arginine into your preworkout shake, arginine in powdered form. And if you feel like, there is not enought healthy fats in your diet or enought of omega 3s and 6s, you might thing about taking a Fish Oil.


Question you might probably ask is:

Why there is no creatine monohydrate in Lazar Angelov supplements  stack. And there is quite simple answer, he just has stomache issue when taking creatine.


If had to list my self, first thing on the list would be multivitamin, if you’re young i get it, you don’t care, but it will benefit you in future big time, trust me. And it is quite cheap to.
On second place would be creatine, it is the most beneficial supplement if we talk strictly about gains. And it is most studied one, so we know for sure it is safe and that it works. And if you compare it to almost any other thing you can take, it is practickly for free. I paid 20$ for 100 day suply.
On the third would be preworkout, it is not, because it is so beneficial, but it helps me mentaly, it is something i look forward to and it makes me feel cool.
Fourth would be protein, i don’t even want to put it in this category, even my grandmother would label this as food…
Fifth, if you’re cutting BCAAs and if you are over 30 and cutting some test boosters.

But again, there is nothing wrong with Lazar Angelov supplements stack, you can’t go wrong with it. I would just add creatine, he admited, that he would like to take it, but it doesn’t sit well with his stomache.

Is he a sellout?

As far as i know he was signed with only two companies. And the first company is not probably even in bussiness right now, so no!

Here is the picture, where he is promoting albutrex back in a day:

Lazar Angelov Supplements nutri-sups

Albutrex fat burner

Lazar Angelov Supplements testosterone booster

Testosterone booster


And now you know what Lazar Angelov supplements on the daily look like, read other our articles, to learn how to build and amazing physique like his. I would start with diet and then move to workout routine. Or read his life story on our main page, if you lack of motivation.

Lazar Angelov Supplements protein

Protein powder for cooking

This is probably last thing i would like to say in this article, don’t be scared of protein powder and don’t ask how much you need to take post workout. It is just a tool, with which you can hit your protein requirement for that day. Yes protein powder os part of Lazar Angelov supplements, that he takes daily, but it is more a tool, which enebles him to have more flexibility with his life. It is not this secret thing, which you need to take post training. Look at the picture, he is not even making a shake, he is just simply using it to have more protein and to flavour his meal and as you can see he is jsut after his elbow surgery, so he wasn’t even working out at the time!

Lazar Angelov tattoo on obliques

Lazar Angelov Tattoo

Lazar Angelov Tattoos have deep meanings for him, read more to find out!

Lazar Angelov tattoo on forearm

If you don’t know who he is, or how he obtained such a good body, read this article: Lazar Angelov All secrets revealed

As you can see, he has several tattoos. He has on both of his forearms, one of his chest. Also on his left bicep, left oblique / lower abs. And two on his back. One under the neck and one big across the back and traps.

Lazar Angelov Tattoo gallery:

Lazar Angelov tattoo on oblique Lazar Angelov tattoo on traps Lazar Angelov tattoo on chest Lazar Angelov tattoo on bicep

Lazar Angelov tattoo meanings

Once in Q&A he revealed meanings of his tattoos, two of them mean Born To Lose, Live To Win!

The most recent ones are on his abs and the text on his back and by recent i meant only 3 years old.

Do they hinder his physique?

A lot of people hate him for having them. Because in bodybuilding it is not very favourite thing, cause it can “demage” your physique, but in his case, we can all agree that it goes with his persona.

But there are some cases, where tats will improve your look, they can make certain bodyparts look bigger, if you put there the right thing. For example if you look at old photos of Rich Piana, where he had only few on his abs / obliques and on his arms and shoulders. The shapes he choosed, specially on his triceps made the arm look a lot bigger.

Do you like his tats?

Please comment down below, if you liked his physique more, before he got them or now, with 8 of them ( on both forarms, left pec, left bicep, two on back – under neck and across the back and one oh his left lower ab, which he had redone few years ago, you can go and search for older pictures, it was a lot smaller )

Do you thin they Lazar Angelov tattoos enhance his physique? His Grand Theft Auto Ganster look?

Thanks for reading and as always, if you can share this, please do so (=

Lazar Angelov Diet

Lazar Angelov diet plan is simple and clean. I hope everyone at this point knows that you can’t out train your diet. And to look like this Bulgarian beast you need to be on point with your meals. Since you googled this, you probably wonder what he eats, how much, how many times a day etc. So lets find out how Lazar Angelov diet looks like.

Before we get to it i just want to say: “There are no secret foods, which will get you in shape.,,

Lazar Angelov Diet Meal

So what is his meal plan?

The Lazar Angelov diet consist of 6 meals or i should better say three big meals and two to four snacks. this meal i will list used to maintain his bodyweight. But keep in mind Lazar has very fast metabolisms and trains every day. So even if you weight the same as him (90 kilograms) you might gain weight if you will eat like this.

Lazar Angelov Diet Meal Plan To Maintain

  1. Breakfast : Oatmeal, Eggs, Peanut Butter and grapefruit
  2. Lunch : Rice and chicken with broccoli
  3. Dinner: Pasta and tuna fish with avocado
  4. Postworkout meal: Chicken with rice
  5. Snack : Salmon with green salad
  6. Before bed snack: Cottage cheese with broccoli


Lazar Angelov Diet Meal PlanEven thought, he could get away “cheat foods”, because of his metabolism, he still meal preps to stay on his meal plan

Lazar Angelov Diet For Cutting

In several interviews he mentioned he starts with lowering his calories and adding cardio, to be more specific he does sprints ( high intensity interval training ), when he reaches stucking point, he cuts down carbs anywhere between 10-50 grams of carbs te be in deficit again, but again, he tries to do it slowly to maintain more muscle mass and strenght. If he needs to be in shape faster, for competition or photoshoot for his sponsors, he does not like keto style diet he prefers slowly cutting or if he needs to be in shape faster he introduces carb cycling to his diet.  But even when he does those types of diets, he sticks to 5-7 meals. Where he aims to get atleast 30 to 40 grams of protein in each meal.

I’m really not big gan of meal plans, so i will layout macros of this:

Lazar Angelov Diet Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber
Eggs – Whole, raw, 200 g 294 2 20 25 0
Chicken – Breast, meat only, raw, 400 g 440 0 5 92 0
TESCO Fine – Ovesné vločky, 100 gram 372 59 7 14 10
Raw – Grapefruit, 333 gram 107 27 0 2 4
ADRIANA – Pasta, 100 g 357 69 2 13 5
Tuna – Tuna in Water, 114 gram 101 0 1 22 0
Salmon, 113 gram 100 2 1 21 1
Aladdin – Tossed Green Salad, 170 grams 30 6 0 2 3
Cottage cheese – Lowfat, 2% milkfat, 4 oz 102 4 2 16 0
Avocado – Avocado Fresh, 1.2 oz 56 3 5 1 7
Broccoli – Broccoli, 6 oz 60 12 1 4 6
RISO SCOTTI – Long white rice, 200 g 694 156 0 12 6
Peanut Butter – Creamy, Jif , 32 g 190 8 16 7 2
Total Macros & Calories 2,903 348 60 230 43

Well no one knows if he eats exactly like this, but it is somewhere in the ball park of this. 2900 calories for the level of body fat he has, is quite good amount of calories, as you can see, his protein is in range of 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bw, and since he is not cutting, he don’t have to be at the upper range, he has enought fats, 60 grams is perffectly fine and has over 10 grams of fiber per 1000 kcals. If i look at it, this  is great start, try it for your self and adjust it to your needs and cravings (=.

Lazar Angelov Diet Plan

As you can see he keep his protein high, almost per pounds of his bodyweight, which is the most optimal protein intake, by latest studies if you’re healthy ofcourse. This amount of protein is optimal for both woman and man.
But, there is always but, if you were eating so far just 0.5 grams of protein per pound od your bodyweight don’t just raise it to 1.5 g per pound of your bw. Protein is hard to absorb and if you double or triple it in matter of days you’ll do more harm than good. And that is with all macronutrients. Don’t just go from zero to hundret in one day. Yes i get it, you want to look like him and you want to go straight to Lazar Angelov diet and that is great, but slow down. Rome wasn’t built in one day.. Keep that in mind, btw: that is Lazars favourite quote (=

Supplements are part of Lazar Angelov diet, but i dedicated whiole article for it: Lazar Angelov supplements.

Since i started talking about protein intake i might talk about all macronutrients. Lets start with fats, decent recomendatio. is to take somewhere in between 20-35% calories in fats from your daily intake. But count it of your maintaince calories.. And i wouldn’t realy lower it under 45g for long term if you’re male, to keep your hormones up! and since you jave your protein and fats, just fill the rest with carbs. If you have enought activity and good amount of fiber and you’re healthy ofc. you don’t need to worry about sugar.

Fiber, how much?

Afain generaĺy i would take 10-25 grams of fiber per 1000 kcals, but you might found out for yourself on how much fiber you feel good.


Cheat days & Cheat meals

He doesn’t realy beleive in it. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, you choose to be healthy, so embrace it and don’t eat like a fat kid. He is great example of this, even when he eats out, he dosn’t realy now how much he got exactly, but he has been doing it for years and kind of knows how 6 ounces of chicken look like etc. So he still gets a decent idea how much he ate. Plus he can eat a lot, but he still orders healthy choices even when he is restaurant by himself or with his friends. If you were following him on instagram you would know that by now. Check out these photos:

Lazar Angelov Dieta

If you want to acheive body like this bulgarian beast has, you might also check out his workout routine.


Lazar Angelov Workout Routine

What is Lazar Angelov workout routine? Was a quite frequent question, so lets get to it. To be honest, his training style kind of shocked me. Because nowadays is common for natural bodybuilders to follow “optimal” training style like leg/push/pull or upper/lower or some kind of variation of these two alone or together. A lot of people prefer to train push/leg/pull or Phat, which combines leg-push-pull combo with upper lower days. And what those training plans do, is just basicly adding more volume to your weekly traning. They allow you easily hit every muscle group twice a week, which have been found as on optimal way, to maximize protein synthesys, which basicly means growth. Or it could mean remaining more strenght and size during cutting, all those things go hand in hand.


If you don’t want to read all this, you can go to the end of the article and watch a video, where is full Lazar Angelov workout plan

So is he on steroids or what?

If you look at him, it doesn’t seem that Lazar Angelov workouts the wrong way! He looks incredible, i mean look at this photo:

Lazar Angelov Workout

That is crazy!


Lets take a look at his plan and see what he does in the gym:

Lazar Angelov’s workout routine:

First day of the split is Chest work, which he finishes with few sets of abdominals

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine Chest


  • Dumbbell bench press (flat)  and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Dumbbell bench press (incline) and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Barbell bench press (decline) and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Pull over on machine and he does 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 10
  • Hammer press and he does 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 9
  • Wide dips and he does 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 10
  • Sit ups with weight and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10
  • Side bends with weight and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10
  • Crunches to sides again he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10


Second day of the split is Back work, which he finishes with few sets of traps and forearms

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine Back


  • Barbell bent over rows and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Romanian deadlifts and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Wide lat pulldowns infront of his head and he does 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 9
  • Neutral grip pull ups and he does 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 9
  • Shrugs with dumbbells and he does 6 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 10
  • Barbell wrist curls behind back while standing and he does 4 sets of 12 reps RPE 10
  • Reverse barbell wrist curls over the bench and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10

Third day of the split are heavy shoulders and finishing with abs again

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine Shoulders


  • Military behind the neck press with barbell and he does 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Smith machine shoulder presses and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Dumbbell lateral raises and he does 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 9
  • Front raises with plate and he does 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 9
  • Rear flyes on peck deck machine and he does 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps RPE 9
  • Incline reverse flyes and he does 4 sets of 12 reps RPE 10
  • Hanging leg raises and he does 4 sets of 12 reps RPE 10
  • Sit ups with weight and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10
  • Side bends with weight and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10
  • Crunches to sides again he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10

Fourth day of the split are finally arms and forearms

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine Arms

  • Close grip tricep bench press (flat) and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Triceps pushdowns with straight barand he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Cable kickbacks and he does 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps RPE 9
  • Curls with EZ bar and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Standing barbell curls with shoulder width grip and he doest 4 sets of 8 to 10 RPE 9
  • Hammer curls with dumbbells and he does 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps RPE 9
  • Concentration curls with dumbbells and he doest 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps RPE 9
  • Barbell wrist curls behind back while standing and he does 4 sets of 12 reps RPE 10
  • Reverse barbell wrist curls over the bench and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10

Tha last day of the split, the fifth one he trains legs, calves and finishes with ab exercises

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine Legs

  • Squats in squat rack  and he does 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps RPE 9
  • Bench squats and he does 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps RPE 9
  • Bulgarian split squats with barbell and he does 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps RPE 9
  • Leg extensions and he does  sets of 15 to 20 reps RPE 9
  • Straight leg deadlifts and he does 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps RPE 9
  • Lying leg curls and he does 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps RPE 9
  • Kickbacks for glutes and he does 4 sets of 20 to 25 reps RPE 9
  • Calf raise seated on machine and he does 4 sets of 20 to 25 reps RPE 9
  • Standing calf raises and he does 4 sets of 20 to 25 reps RPE 9
  • Sit ups with weight and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10
  • Side bends with weight and he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10
  • Oblique twists with barbell behind the neck  again he does 4 sets of  12 reps RPE 10

*RPE – I will explain what it means at the end of the article

Is this optimal training split?

Well yes and no! Lazar Angelov workouts this way, because he has been in the gym for more than 20 years now or something similiar to that, because he mentioned he has been training with weights since 11 and he is over 31 now! And he probably knows what his weak points are, so that is big reason, why he workouts forearms twice a week and arms just once, he wants to have balanced aestetic physique.

And another thing, which plays a big role and i should mention it, is that he doesn’t take days off. He admit that he might take 1 to 4 days in month off the gym, that is why i listed day 1 to 5 of his split and didn’t call it tuesday – arms etc. So at the end of the day he hits almost every muscle group atleast twice a week, because he hits chest on 1st day and on the 6th he is doing it again! So in a way it is really close to optimal working plan. Only if there was less volume on abs and less sets to failure. Overall volume is OK if you don’t consider abs, because they get to much work there, training them every other day is already over kill and since he does heavy compound lifts he trains them indirectly but a lot on those days to, so he trains them almost every day.

Training abs might be fine for him, but for newbie it is overkill and your performance and gains will suffer, trust me. You need to keep in mind he has over 20 years of expirience.

And last thing, which you should change, if you want to do Lazar Angelov workout routine, work your legs more often and lower the reps. You don’t have to split quad and hamstring workouts for different days, but you need to find what you lack more and adjust training to that need. He works legs “only” once a week, because he has chronic knee injury and that is why he is doing so much isolation work and high reps.

Other than that, this is very solid plan, if you are serious lifter / meathead or you just simply get better, try it out, you might love it and see incredible gains.

If you want to know more about Lazar Angelov <- Click here and read full article about him (=

Lazar Lazar Angelov Workout routine TipsAngelov workout routine tips:

  • Rather over train than under train
  • Focus on your goals!
  • Do your compounds first
  • Don’t be scared to lift heavy
  • Isolation work is also important


  • Fuel your body afterwards -> Lazar Angelov Diet
  • There is no short cut for hard work
  • If you want to be ripped, your workouts must be intense
  • Stay patient and never give up

Lazar Angelov Cardio Workout

If you read the whole article about this bulgarian beast, we mentioned, that he doesn’t do much of cardio. He has very hight metabolism and there is no need for him to do cardio regurarly. But he still does it, because it has many health benefits ( such as for your heart ), keeps you focused and sometimes it can be relaxing.

It is also active recovery for your muscles. His cardio of choice are usually sprints in woods, which is high intesity interval training ( HIIT ). He prefers it, because it is less time consuming, it will speed up your metabolism. It is more similiar to weight training, you won’t burn as many calories during, but the afterwards. You will burn fat and less muscle mass, it is great to maintain athletic body, but not only that, you will keep athletic abilities too.


RPE Scale

In Lazar Angelov workout routine i mentioned RPE scale, you might be confused with what it is, it is real simple. It is rate of perceived exertion. It is RPE scale, since it is on scale 1 to 10. RPE 1 equals to 100+ reps on the other hand 10 means maximal effort, no reps left in tank, which baisicly means last rep before failure or to failure but still getting the rep. The one that Lazar uses a lot is 9, which means last rep, which is tought but still one rep in the tank left!


Lazar Angelov Workout Routine Video

Thanks for reading. I hope this article helped you and you find what you were looking for. If you want to help us, share this article (=