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Lazar Angelov 31 year old fitness trainer., who was born in 1984 in Sofia, main city of Bulgaria. From a young age, he loved sports.


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His favourite one was basketball, where he tried to become pro. In his 10 year basketball carreer he won many championchips and at age of 16 he became team member of Bulgarian national junior team, after that he played as semi pro for Natinal Basketball Association of Bulgaria.

Basketball is maybe the reason, why is Lazar Angelov working out harder, than most of his competition. Because he is only 5’11” (180 centimeters) he had to work harder than his enemies and even his team mates.

His basketball carreer vas interupted by Army, he spent there 9 months. After that he played for more 3 years in first and second division in bulgaria, but he had to stup due to his chronic knee injury limited his performance and with his height deficit, performance was all he got.


Lazar Angelov & Bodybuilding

After pro basketball ended for him, it was time to move on. Lazar was in shape, because for his whole basketball carreer he was working out in gym too, to be able to keep up with his competition, since his stats 180 pounds (81,5 kg) and 180 cm (5’11”) are not exactly basketball stats. So he already had decent body than.

His carreer ended in 2005, so he figured out, since he is already in good shape and working out is big part of his life, he might try bodybuilding. And exactly one year later in 06 he tried his first bodybuilding competition. It was National Championship in Bulgaria and he entered Classic Bodybuilding division, when he finished on third place.

Here are some transformation pics:

Lazar Angelov Body Transformation

Body transfromaton of Lazar Angelov


Training split

For most of you, this must be shocking, but beleive or not Lazar Angelov doesn’t have specific workout schedule. He claims to train often and heavy and day offs just aren’t his favourite thing. That is why he only rest one to five days per month. The most important part of his training plan are compound movements at which he goes very heavy.

His concept is that, he would be rather overtrain, than undertrain, like most people… Because there is to many people now a days saying, that you need to put more attention to recovery, but if you look at pro athletes, you will quickly find out, that most probably you’re not no where near to being overtrained.

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Workout With Lazar Angelov

His training starts with Pecs and Abdominals, following day he starts with back, than trap workout and ends with training forearms. On the third day he hits heavy shoulders and does abdominals again. Day after that he hits for first time triceps and biceps and forearms again. Last training day are legs, calves and abdominals again.

You might thing, that it doesn’t make any sense, why to train abs three times a week, forearms twice and the rest only once. Well Lazar Angelov workouts are tailored to his needs and you need to keep in mind, that he has been around fitness game for almost 20 years. He has probably good idea what his weak points are, what he needs to improve more. On top of that he deosn’t have that many days of, so practicly he works out his chest, back, shoulders and legs twice a week too.

Lazar Angelov’s Workout tip

Lift heavy and hard, but always maintain good form while exercising and involving isolation exercises at the end of the workout is must do, if you want to improve that body part.


Lazar Angelov’s Diet

Lazar Angelov Diet

He stated in several interviews, that he has very fast metabolism, but despite of that, he maintains strict diet, to look shredded year round. He stays consistent with his diet all year long. He has five to 7 meals a day, well in one interview he stated, that he eats 3 big meals a day and two to four snacks a day. The main thing for him is to eat very often, something like every hour up to three hour interval and ingest atleast 35 grams of protein in each meal and he hits maintain calories or slightly deficit to look photoshoot ready every day.

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Lazar Angelov Deting

Lazar Angelov leg surgery

Lazar Angelov is great example, that diet is the most important thing in bodybuilding. on the 12th of September 2015 he had several knee surgeries and in following months, he had surgery of his left elbow.

Lazar Angelov Knee Surgeries


Since semptember 2015 it is 6 months and he is still in shape, he couldn’t workout  for 6 months straight, but he still has visible abs and separation in most of his muscle groups. If he was on lots of drugs like many haters comment all the time, he would be a lot smaller and got fat.. But no, he is in good shape, ofcourse he is not photoshoot chilled with 4-5% bodyfat, but looks great and it is all because of hard dieting.

Lazar Angelov after elbow surgery Lazar Angelov Left elbow surgery



Lazar Angelov’s Cardio Advice

We alraedy mentioned, that he has very fast metabolism. So it doesn’t make sense for him to do bunch of cardio and burn of muscle, for which he worked extremly hard and for so many years. So why does he do it? Cardio is great for your heart and longevity.

This bulgarian beast does ten to twenty five minutes a day of cardio, but high intensity interval training stile aka  HIIT cardio, which keeps him healthy & looking athleticly.

Lazar Angelov: Supplements talk

He admits to taking a lot of supplements. His beleives are, that if you’re natural athlete like him, that you should use every advantage you can, to reach your genetic potential. His favourite products are: Whey protein or whey isolate. Ofcourse he uses bcaas and glutamine threw the day. Than he also takes Fish Oil, when he is on low or no carbs, it helps him to stay at decent hormone levels to keep size and strenght during those low or no carb days. And another favourite is pre and itraworkout, than creatine and glucosamine.

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Lazar Angelov Supplements

Is Lazar Angelov Natural?

As i mentioned in paragraph above this, he talks about himself as a natural athlete. My opinion is, that he is natural, since he has been training for more than 20 years. Keep in mind, he stated ,that he was already lifting at age of 10-11- Most people doesn’t beleive that, even if they say, that he might not be on hgh or testosterone, they can’t beleive he can stay this lean without any drugs like tren, clenbuterol or others. But in my opinion that is just strict diet and he is also ectomorph, because he him self admits, that his metabolism is very fast.

But let’s calculate his Fat Free Mass Index aka FFMI, which 25 is usually the natural limit, but even before steroids were produced, there were Mr. Olympia competitors with FFMI over 28.

Lazar weights 195 pounds, his height is 5’11” ass i already mentioned few times, in facebook and ig comments, you see people commenting about his 3-4% bodyfat, but to be honest, he is in great shape, but  i don’t beleive he has shredded glutes, lets say he has 5% bf.

For those stats would FFMI 25.91, so i will let you decide what you beleive, if he is natty or not.

Is he the ultimate online fitness icon?

Lazar Angelov is probably the biggest name in fitness industry. He has over 12 million followers on facebook, over 550 thousand subscribers on youtube and more than 46 million views in total. And that is not everything, he has one of the biggest fitness instagram accounts, tell me who in fitness niche has 3,3 million followers?  Only lacking social media is twitter, where he has “only” 111 thousand followers.

This is video is what got him popular

Lazar Angelov’s inspiration

For most of you, this bulgarian baest is your favourite fitness icon, or your motivation. But, who are his idols or sources of inspiration? In few articles he mentioned, that for motivation he follows Ulisess Jr, in his eyes he has the most esteticly pleasing physiqeu and that he would like to build simmiliar frame to his physiqeu. From bodybuilders he likes Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeeler and Arnold and he follows them all on twitter. All those four legends, where more on the aestetic side of bodybuilding instead of being mass monsters, which is exactly Lazar Angelov’s goal.

But fitness / bodybuilding was his second love, he loves basketball and from his twitter you can see that he follows: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and ofcourse the man, the myth, the legend Shaq.

What else keeps him motivated?

His fans, if he hadn’t so much support all around the world all the time, his clients, who he helped to change their lifes and bodies for better!

How can Lazar Angelov workout so hard, what’s the secret?

He stated, that the main reason, why he can workout so hard is honestly music. That he loves music in general and listens to radio everywhere. But he has several hardcore sountracks for gym in all of them is included combination of those artists: Rick Ross, Bugatti boyz, Breaking Benjamin, Paul Wall, nas, Godsmack, Rammstein and Tupac.

His all time favourite song is MMG Untouchable from Ricky Ross.

Most important tips:

In all interviews, when they ask Lazar for tips, he answered with the same response, so there might be something to it:

  • Don’t be ashamed if you’re not sure, what to do and hire perosnal trainer, that is why they are personal trainers!
  • Don’t listen to people, who don’t have anything to back it up!
  • Training is great and very important, but you train for maybe hour or two a day, but the diet have to be on point for the rest of the day!
  • Be 100% motivated and know your goals!
  • Learn to be patient – nothing great was built in just one day
  • Don’t skip on your diet or training
  • Every obstacle can be conqured

Those are most important tips from Lazar Angelov.

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Is he a sellout or scammer?

Last paragraph is dedicated to haters. As always, if he is not on drugs, he is sellout or scam artist, it is always anything. You can’t leave him alone and say: “Good job, i love your physique,, . If you compare Lazar Angelov to other fitness celebrities, he is definetly a sellout, yes he uses and promotes supplements. But he is internet celebrity for past ten or eleven years and he have been only with two companies.

This is old picture, where he promotes nutri-sups and their fat burner alburtrex:

Lazar Angelov Supplements nutri-sups

And now he is with shreds, there was a picture somewhere in this article with their supplements. So what ? He uses supplements and promotes them.. He still uses and recommend the same things as he did before, now it is just with different company, i really don’t see problem with it.

And if you say he is a sellout because of promoting protein bites:

Lazar Angelov Protein Bites lazar angelov protein bites bbqLazar Angelov Protein Bites onion



Yeah sure, i get it, he could post lest selfies with them and i know it is over priced. But did you ever taste them? They are great and the macros are insane! You can eat chips, watch your favourite movie and still get in the best shape of you life, that is just amazing!

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